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2010 Marketing Planning

Marketers face a particular challenge in planning for 2010: the economy is on the verge of recovering, yet your budget for 2010 may be in flux. The challenge is that you cannot control the economy and you may not be able to establish a fixed budget at this point.

But you can control how you plan for 2010 and in doing so put yourself in a position to surge when the economy begins to grow again. Now is the time to make sure you understand recent changes in the industrial sector marketing climate, evaluate your current marketing programs, and put in place the most effective strategies for 2010—whatever your budget might be or what the economy does.

Choose only marketing that you can measure. The demand for accountability in marketing is here to stay, and it will be your responsibility to choose effective marketing investments whose results can be easily measured. Another advantage of online marketing beyond its ability to reach your target audience is that it’s built around impressions, clicks and conversions—all of which can be measured.

Low-Cost Tactics to Market Your Business

With many budgets getting crunched, marketers may need to pay special attention to low-cost marketing tactics that can help their companies. Many of these ideas can be implemented using your current resources and some extra elbow grease in the form of time and hard work. And they can all help raise the visibility of your company and make your overall marketing more effective.

Some of these tactics you may already be doing, others may be new ideas. In either case, make the most of them to achieve marketing benefits with minimal costs.

Use e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing, particularly to your own lists, is cost-effective and can get results. Use e-mail to stay in touch with customers, nurture prospects, and distribute relevant news and offers to your audience. E-mail marketing service providers offer affordable plans in which you pay either by the number of e-mails you send or the number of contacts in your e-mail database. Plus, most of them offer attractive and customizable templates so you don’t have to pay graphic designers or programmers.

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