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emailClub.in is more than just an easy-to-use web-based bulk email marketing solution. eMailClub.in gives permission marketers the tools and network integrity required to get more , emails through today's heavy-duty filters.

Key Features
Create and send highly personalized message to an unlimited number of recipients
Create and manage unlimited number of emails and groups
Compose your message easily
Speed up delivery with multi-threading support allowing multiple connections
Run Group Setup Wizard to allow you get started quickly and easily

Loading recipients from text file, Access, Excel and other databases.

Perform split marketing test on your list
Send messages directly to your recipients from your desktop
a web-based service for processing mailing-lists

Fully personalize all areas of the email - FROM, SUBJECT, BODY, and more, to optimize response.

Easily manage your lists with integrated subscription forms, unsubscribe handling, and bounce management.

Supporting authentication SMTP servers or without SMTP Servers.

Easy to use

Use the eMailClub.in to

send promotion emails

send mass email offers

send email shots

send multiple advertising emails

keep your customers informed

send personalized greetings emails

Web based email marketing service provider

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